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Best Advice Product Reviews is like the cat is out of the bag and we are now listing our monthly items for one to enjoy. Of course these are the ultimate things we use on our absolutely fantastic journey as we navigate writing using buzz words. Read on and behold the knowledge revealed with just a mouse click!

2024 Winners for the Year of the Dragon

(if one believes in that sort of stuff)

Best Advice Product Reviews

Seeds, we are reminding you to get that garden going. It is so easy and fun!


No need to list all the great benefits of being a gardener. Order seeds online today.

Spring Forward – Shake Off the Winter Blues

Caribbean woman pouring a cup of Cuban espresso for "Best Advice Product Reviews" by Mrugacz.


What fuels our website and high energy blog posts?

Why it is Cafe Bustelo of course – Try some to day!

Are your ready for the solar eclipse in Cleveland, Ohio?

Solar Eclipse glasses for 2024 for "Best Advice Product Reviews" by Mrugacz.


American Paper Optics Eclipse Safety Glasses

Yes, I bought these. Main reason is they are AMERICAN MADE!

Start your engines (even in extreme cold)

Best oil for my BMW K100 motorcycle

Penngrade1 quart container next  a German motorcycle and American tanks for "Best Advice Product Reviews" by Mrugacz.


PennGrade 1® High Performance Oils

Strong detergent, dispersants and ZDDP anti-wear additives.

Protect critical engine parts from deposits in highly stressed engines. 

My engine is at 131,000 miles for a reason.

Yes, there are millions of reviews on the Internet by fancy shmancy social media influencers. Alas, one has arrived at a website with the real deal, items I researched, use and count on. Am I a cheap S.O.B.? Heaven only knows but my viewpoint is quality over quantity. Last bit of wisdom- consume less and one will enjoy life more. Keep it simple.

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