Welcome to the adventurous website About Anthony Mrugacz, cataloging decades of crazy ups and tumbling downs of life.

8 generations and 100% Polish, view my decades of research.

Acrylic paintings and color pencil drawings I really enjoyed creating.

Anything with 2 wheels anyhwere in the world will make me smile.

My mom is a champion gardener and now I inherited all the work.

Stop the press! OK don’t- my words published for better or worse.

The Fall of Eastern Civilization Part 2 – Raise the Rent & Stop the Music.

“The road goes on forever and the party never ends.” R.E.Keen

I am with the band! Got the pics tp prove it. Plus a free CD download.

Taking pictures as an amateur has always been a reward itself.

Silly collection of low cost NFTs that I bought to learn a new technology.

The price is right on these off the wall artworks and rare MP4s .

A few historic and very different slices of my life and adventures.

Book smarts obtained with hard work got me a collection of paper.

I transcribed census records from Texas for a school project.

Nothing special here, a place here I post and share requested recipes.

All that genealogy research costs money, small support sure helps.

Making an Android app was a learning experience indeed.

Have Google, will travel. Just an online hobby for mostly fun.

Nothing special, few followers, and even fewer likes.

Books I authored that were once for sale but now free to read.

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Seeds, we are reminding you to get that garden going. It is so easy and fun.

No need to list all the great benefits of being a gardener. Order seeds online today.

Photography by Anthony Mrugacz




Cleveland, Ohio 2017

Three M4 Sherman tanks on the beach in Conneaut, Ohio  for the website About Anthony Mrugacz.

Conneaut, Ohio 2023









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 20 February 2015 

25 April 2015

Autumn 2007

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USA 1996

Photos from a Music Tour


Photos from a Music Tour

Bolivia 1987

Photos from a Music Tour

Equinox – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Street 278 – your favorite bar in Phnom Penh – Cambodia

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Equinox – Street 278 – your favorite bar in Phnom Penh – Cambodia

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