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Offered in two formats:

Better learn Khmenglish.

Over 5 million tourists visit Cambodia every year, be one of the smart ones – use this book! This language guide is designed to enlighten, keep you out of trouble, or better yet save you from embarrassment. This fabulous document will help one learn Khmenglish slang today!

City of Ghosts Glossary is a definitive guide to the Khmenglish language. We challenge you to find one better!

This hilariously insane is authored by an ex-pat with over a decade of experience in Cambodia. This is the definitive cynical and somewhat hysterical guide to Khmenglish. In other words Cambodian English, a slang dialect by locals and ex-pats, how it is spoken and what it means. If you are a first time visitor, you will hit the ground running with important knowledge about modern post Pol Pot life in the Kingdom of Wonder. If you are an ex-pat that has survived there, you will fall off your bar stool in laughter on how accurately this explains WTF is really going on in this third world gem of a country. In the sarcastic spirit of Ambrose Byrce’s The Devil’s Dictionary, the City of Ghosts Glossary will help one understand the reality of life in ever changing Cambodia. A Definitive Dictionary to understanding English usage in Cambodia.

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