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May be old news to some but new info to the masses that it’s time to view Slavic by Nature, our new Amazon store. Since my research involves mostly Eastern European Heritage why not put all my Slavic flavored designs in one place! Those sales generate income to keep this website running smooth and fuel my efforts pounding the books and scanning databases for genealogical research. Best of all we are slowly expanding our Slavic by Nature stores to other countries. Of course we will keep you posted. FYI – I just love doing Slavic flavored designs.

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Three Glorious Product Lines

Anthony Mrugacz's graphic design clothing for VIEW SLAVIC BY NATURE blog post.


History comes to life.

Anthony Mrugacz's floral design clothing for VIEW SLAVIC BY NATURE blog post.


Heritage and folklore influenced designs.


Various Designs and Sizes with Unique Art

Sure Our Clothing Products are Top Quality But Our Notebooks…

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5 x 8 inch (12.7 cm x 20.32 cm)

Journal features include:

  • erfect size for traveler, observer, craftsman, student, musician, or poet.
  • Total 100 pages.
  • 50 white pages with dot graph outline on left side.
  • 50 white pages with black lines on the right side.
  • Fits perfectly into a pants, coat or jacket pocket,back pack or satchel.
  • The bold white paper is sturdy enough to be used with fountain pens.
  • Tough glossy paperback.
  • Crisp white paper that minimizes ink bleed-through.

About Anthony Mrugacz wants you to know and understand the following:

Family Surname Meanings

Family Surname Meanings – sometimes cool sometimes strange

Search Engines behold! Research into deciphering root meaning of all the current ones in my (and our) lineage has been posted on line. Some of it is interesting and alas some are yet to be resolved…

Explore Family Surname Meanings that I have posted for some following names. Check the page out and if you would like to add any information please contact me.

  • BARTOSZEWSKI – 1862 Brześć Kujawski
  • GŁOWACKI – 1862 Brześć Kujawski
  • KAZMIERCZAK – 1843 Baranowo
  • MRUGACZ – 1865 Lubanie
  • PRZEŹDZIĘK – 1865 Lubanie
  • RYBKA -1862 Poland
  • ZALEWSKI – 1876 Poland
  • BIELEWICZ – 1818 Łomża
  • CHLEWICKI / KLEWICKA -1818 Łomża
  • CZERWONKA / CZERWINSKI -1871 Gorzyce
  • FRĄTCZAK -1790 Rybno
  • GZOWSKI – 1743 Łomża
  • JANOWSKI -1800
  • JATCZAK -1833 Rybno
  • KANIEWSKI -1821 Grabkowo
  • KARPIŃSKI – 1781Łomża
  • KOŁODZIEJCZAK -1787 Klokoczyn
  • KOZŁOWSKI -1868 Drozdowo
  • KRÓLAK -1791 Przedecz
  • NOWAK / NOVAK – Cleveland
  • ORGAŁA – 1871 Gorzyce
  • PUŁAWSKI – Łomża, 8131
  • RADGOWSKI – 1743 Łomża
  • SHALKOWSKI – 1867
  • SOBUTA – 1884 Drozdowo
  • STAWICKI – 1826 Chodecz
  • TOMASZEWSKI – 1799 Jednaczewo
  • WALCZYK – 1754 Jednaczewo
  • WAWRZYNIAK – 1884 Drozdowo

Fun Mind Boggling Tip of the Day: At this website, SURNAME NAVIGATOR, drop in a the information and watch the incredible amount of data that it pulls up! Give yourself a good 15 minutes to look at what it brings up.

Form for Surname Navigator to enhance the blog post " Family Surname Meanings" by Anthony Mrugacz.